Endurance Computer Stopped Working

I have an Endurance Computer on my 426. The unit worked fine for about 2 months and recently started to read about double my actual speed. I have verified this with my GPS unit.

My WS setting has not changed. (2146). I have checked the wire for damage, loose connections, etc. The sensor and magnet are mounted securely in the proper locations.

Any ideas on what is causing this? Do I have a defective unit?

I just got a used street legal WR400 with the Panoram computer on it (which I believe is very similar to the Endurance computer), and the guy I bought it from said it is doing the same thing. I haven't had a chance to look into it but if I find anything out I'll let you know.

I've sent an email to Trail Tech support and will post the response from them.

I ordered a enduro computer from Baja and they let me know it was backordered due to a defective bath that had been received. They said the company was corecting the problem and should ship the new ones in Oct.

Call trailtech. There customer service is second to none. They will do right by ya.

I must have a bad one too. I mounted a new Endurance computer this past weekend...set it up using the same programing as FRYBOY, since we had the same front tires. After my first ride I noticed my computer was reading almost twice the distance as anyone else's in the group. And my average speed, over mostly tight single track, was around 34mph! Well, I'm somewhat happy that the problem is with the gizmo and not that I couldn't understand the directions! But I would like to be able to average 34mph in the single track...

I installed the same computer on my 01 husky wr 250 and my 02 wr426 and I did all the measurements of the tire on the ground and one revolution. Couldnt get it calibrated right my friends would laugh at me when my top speed was 105.I programed it to 2155 explained in the manual. I recalibrated both about 20 times now I finally set it up I believe at 1155 and its only a few mph off like 3 to 5 mph.The computer works real well now. Good functions, great price, for a complete unit, I could live with that.

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Here is the resoponse from Trail-Tech tech suport:

"Double check that you are in mph and not kmh.

Assuming your computer is in mph, and both speed and distance are doubled, you can check to find out if there is another magnetized location that is causing the double trigger.

To do this, put the bike on a stand so that the front wheel rotates freely. If you use the computer to test (an ohm meter is the other option), let it go to sleep so that just the clock shows. Then, have someone watch the computer and rotate the wheel slowly so that every portion of the rotor EXCEPT the magnetic bolt passes by the sensor. When the computer comes to life, you know the sensor has detected magnetism."

I found the problem. I checked it with an ohm meter and I was indeed getting 2 signals.

Apparently, the kit shipped with a spare magnet that was stuck to the magnet for the brake rotor bolt. Not realizing there were two magnets, I installed it as usual.

I must have hit some brush or something that knocked the spare magnet to the other side of the rotor, causing the double signal.

I put the spare in the toolbox and all is well.

I just spoke with Kelly at Trail Tech regarding a double read problem with my new Endurance computer. She was very helpfull and returned my call right away, great service! I have not looked into my problem yet, but I suspect I might have mounted the sensor to low on the brake caliper mount causing the misread, the magnet may be signaling the top and bottom sensors on the trigger. I am going to check for other magnetic spots on the disk as well. Since the computer is consistantly reading double it appears that the problem must be with the number of times that the sensor is being triggered per revolution.

:) I've run my endurance for some 4 months now.............I can't fault it, the two settings makes it so easy when I put my road wheels in and checking it against my GPS.the GPS was reading 62.3 miles.......the Panoram.........62.32miles....not bad eh!

What kind of gps are you using? Just curious.

:) Garmin E-Tex Venture, a little basic but it let's me know where I am and where I've been etc

I just carry it in my pocket, I'm a little unsure about bar mouting it, due to vibes, off's etc :D

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