Lowering the WR 450

Ok... I love this bike, especially the engine. However, it is just TOO DAMN TALL!! What is the most reasonable way to lower this beast? I hate to alter the suspension a lot. I know Kouba is developing links to lower the rear. So, am I the only one with this problem?? Do I wait for the Kouba links or do I look into something else?


I lowered the triple clamps onto the forks about 1/2 an inch and took out some spring preload in the rear. I went from tippy toe to flat footing it. Bike seems stable and compliant over bumps, turns in easy, doesn't feel tippy in corners. Very easy to adjust, alot depends on how heavy you are.

I am about 185#, 6' with a 32" inseam. I raised my forks about 10mm, however, in order to achieve 100mm of race sag, I had to increase the spring preload in the rear a good bit. I am still on tiptoes. The height really sucks for hillclimbing.


I'm 6' also and find ride height fine for me. I feel bad for all the shorter riders who love this bike. :)

I had my suspension lowered 1.5" f & R. Great improvement. Also helped the handling. :)

So is 100mm the ideal race sag setup in a normal environment for the WR450?

I am 5'9" and can only touch with my toes on flat ground. 1.5" lowering is not going to do anything for me. I just resolved to riding like a trials rider. Dont put a foot down or you will lose points. I would love a 36" seat height, but I do not want to give up the suspension and clearance. DRZ's and XR's are a better choice for us short guys but I still prefer the WR450.

Ever think about removing some of the foam out of the seat?

I guess you wouldn't want to do that if you sit and ride alot!

I emailed Norm Kouba about the setup they hope to have out in June for the WR/YZ on Sunday and received an immediate reply!! :)

It is going to be a "rocker" rather than "links". They hope it will fit the early models as well as the 450, but don't know for sure yet. He said I will be notified about the specifics when it is done. Great customer communication! :D

Did they tell you how much it would be lowered??


No, he didn't say, Jimbo. That was all the info he sent for now. I'm sure he wants to have a completed product before he makes ANY claims as to fit or effect. I am sure it will be worth the wait, I just really hope it fits the early models as well as the 450.


Be sure to make a new post when you get the info. For those of us six footers with long ape arms and short legs this would definetly be a must mod.

I had MX-Tech's John Cureau completely revalve and lower my WR 3/4" front and back. I'm 5' 11" so I didn't have a problem with the height, but the lowered bike just feels so much easier to turn now. I've MX'd it several times since with no bottoming problem, even with 3/4" less travel. I'm hooked on the concept!



That sounds like an awesome idea.... however, you can't believe how much trouble I am already in with my wife for buying the bike. If I was to go spend the money for MX-Tech to revalve an lower my bike, she may just choke me to death.

The Kouba link idea sounds like a workable solution that is relatively inexpensive. I don't know of any other way to lower the bike that will be similarly priced. Does anyone else??



Your idea sounds pretty easy... raise the forks 1/2" and increase race sag. However, doesn't increasing race sag like that adversely affect the geometry??


Who lowered your suspension?? How did they do it and how much did it cost??


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