strange motor noise.. please help

My 00 WR/YZ is making a strange sound when at low rpm. It is a rythmic, low frequency sound. Not constant, not grinding... I thought it was the counter balancer key, but main drive gear, CB gear and clutch hub gear are all tight, no play... except clutch to main drive gear has .002" rotation... which sounds normal. (Manual says ".002 of radial play" on clutch.)

MAybe I should split cases, and check the Tranny, but My Zip Ty mag plug would have had chunks if I chunked a gear...

Not sure where to go from here.

maybe I should just re assemble and ride for a month...

Halloween is my ACL surgery... Then I'll have time for a full tear down. lots of time ... 6 months, no dirt biking, no snowboarding, lots of wrenching

ANY options would be appreciated.

God Speed Garrett, you are missed

I would just ride it until it breaks! :) I would just ride until your surgery and then work on it, if it breaks down you will know exactly what the problem is. That way you will get as much time in the saddle while you can, and be able to fix the problem while you heal.

I realize this is probably no help, have fun and heal well. :D

I don't have ACL problems but meniscus problems. If you plan working on the bike, you might need to find a way to elevate it and/or get a couple of height stools. I suspend my bike with tiedowns from the lower joists of the roof truss of the garage. Just an idea.

Good luck,


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