XR650 Removal of emissions systems

I own a CA model XR650 that comes with the emissions system. I want to remove it, but just need to know if anything has to change on with jetting or engine systems? What do you do with the two lines that come out of the cylinder head? Any other important tips that I should know about? Thanks for the help.


Sunny, not that I we don't all have the answers but this is the most common topic. Read back a few weeks or months in 650 posts. you will find all the answers you are looking for.


Thanks for the tip. I have looked back six months and did not really find anything relating to that. I did find a lot o other useful info. If you know of anyother places to read about the emissions systems, please let me know. If anyone else out there has any ideas let me know.


Hit the Baja Designs web site. They offer all the info you need and a smog block-off kit.

Sunny, another good sight is xr650r.net. Look for stuff about uncorking.

Sunny, do you own a XR650L or XR650R? That makes a big difference when you talk about the emission systems.


I own a 650R. Sorry about that.


Thanks for the info everyone. I just ordered a kit from Baja Designs. Anyone know how much it can improve the horsepower? If nobody knows, I will let you know next weekend.

There is a big time HP gain after the smog removal and jetting. :)


That is what I keep hearing. It should definetely be a nice change. Looking forward to it. I think that it will definetely make it the fastest BRP around. :)

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