GNCC coverage?

anybody know if they are covering GNCC's this year on TV?

i saw some of them last year on foxsports (ch.43 western pennsylvania)

are they being aired this year on a channel you don't need some additional dish or cable package to get :) (like gay speedchannel :D:D ) ???


:D racer36 :D

[ September 25, 2002, 07:53 AM: Message edited by: xrracer36 ]

nevermind. just found turns out they are broadcasting on some channel called OLN (outdoor lifestyles network) never heard of it. must not be in the standard cable package (aka a gay pay-more-to-see channel) :)

anybody know if they are being broadcast on any other channels?

Yep....Digital Cable (Outdoor Life Network OLN...CH 126) Sunday's at 5pm ESTand Replay on Thurs at 7pm EST...

AMA Grand National Cross Country Series on Outdoor Life Network

Location Event Date Initial Air Date

Okeechobee,FL 3/4-5 7/7

Macon, GA 3/9-10 7/14

Morganton, NC 3/23-24 7/21

Cross Keys, SC 4/6-7 7/28

Hurricane Mills, TN 4/20-21 8/4

Sparta, KY 5/4-5 8/11

Uhrichsville, OH 6/1-2 8/18

Taylortown, PA 6/15-16 8/25

Deep Creek, MD 6/29-30 9/1

Millfield, OH 9/7-8 10/20

Mt. Morris, PA 9/21-22 10/27

St. Clairsville, OH 10/5-6 11/3

Bonzai :)

taht sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

f*^%$# those stupid capitalist retards runing the coverage. that is by far the best racing to watch (beats mx or sx 98% of the time) and they go and stick it on "pay-out-yer-butt TV"


I am not a happy camper.

hope they have a "said it couldn't be done" video again this year. last year's rocked. have watched it like a million times... oh, wait tape just ended. make that a million and one times.


this is for the person who decided not to air it on fox sports again this season..

:D *finger* :D

just venting....

frustrated :D

and a little pissed. :)

racer36 :D

You can also purchase the video's for each event at the GNCC home page. I purchased the videos from the first 6 races that I ran this year and they were Kick Butt....

Bonzai :)

been thinking. my gf has digital cable. bet she will record them for me.

i don't want to buy the entire series ($$$$$$!!! :) )

just the highlights video again.

offroad racing is so much more extreme. (expect a flaming from mx-ers, but i do race both) sure, no jumps, but mx/sx don't practically require barkbusters to still have 10 whole fingers left at end of race, don't require 2-3 hours of continuous endurance on tap, and don't destroy bikes practically every race.

most guys ride on mx track cuz of the safety factor (how jumps are safe, i ???) but i guess they're jsut afraid of planting a tree at full speed or not being able to last the whole race or even finish (complete the course).

wonder how pastrana, mc, and rc would fair in a gncc??? :D:D

racer36 :D

Most X-MX'ers tend to do pretty well on the GNCC Circuit....(Suzuki)Rodney Smith has been fun to watch for the last couple of years...Looks like (Yamaha) Jason "Opie" Raines charge for the championship is over since his broken leg before the break....Smith is back on top by 1 point with two races remaining....Can't wait for the Ironman in Ind.....This years finish is going to be close. I think the end of year results will be Smith/Lafferty/Kiedrowski(The MX Kid) then Raines, Plus the ironman course is totally awesome....Well worth the 9.5 hour drive from Atlanta..

Bonzai :)



screw it!

gf doesn't get OLN with digital cable. screwed over by the almighty dollar again!!!!!

i'm beginning to wonder how promoters and supporters of this sport are planning on making it work?

we get no exposure.

yeah, sx gets some time on ESPN2, but women's golf and celebrity wack-a-mole get more prime time spots. i saw a marksmanship contest on the other day... can we say boring ot watch?!?!? (i didn't watch it, just saw it as flipping thru)


life sucks. no where to ride (Western PA), can't watch it (gotta buy every other dish on the market to have access to it)...

might as well sell the bikes and take up lawn mowing like all my neighbors. you don't see any restrictions on how often they can mow. and i imagine it's only a matter of time before they start putting espn commentators on john deeres for the green yard 500 nationals and giving it the prime slot on espn.


i am not happy with our sport right now


36 :D

Hey xrracer,

Ive taped almost every race so far this year and still have them on tape. I think a have got them all but the last couple. (Ive been on vacation and I still dont know how to do the timer function on a vcr)

Anyways, send me your address and I'll burn you off a tape and send it your way - no charge.

BTW: Each race is only 30 minutes long. Thats the only thing that gripes me. Other than that the coverage is great.


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