Help for a friend....

My buddy just bought a dam nice 99 WR450 and I was wanting to ask some questions.

Who makes some nice radiator gaurds that bolt right on with no trouble?

Any general problems or ailments he should look out for.

Is that a 99 WR400 or 03 WR450? Can't be both. At any rate try Devol or Flatland..... both are excellant.

im sorry, my bad. It is a 99 WR400.

After much shopping, I bought the Flatland guards. The folks there are freindly, and the guards were at my house in 3 days. They fit great and look like they will take a beatin'. :)

I had Devol guards on my WR 400 and they seemed to make the shrouds stick out like elephant ears but provided good protection. I have Flatland Racing guards on my WR450 and all that was required was a little triming on the insides of the shrouds so that they fit tight to the guards.. A quality product....Jim

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