YZF426 Must be Quieter

Does anyone know what exhaust would make my 426 the most quiet without robing it of power. I have D&D exhaust right now and I don't want to spend a whole lot of money on another one. I heard the FMF Q4 is the way to go but that thing is exspensive. I need an exhaust that doesnt allow the sound to travel very far. Any suggestions would help, thanks.

Maybe get the drd silencer for $50 from their website, my wr450 is stupid loud, I def need to get the insert.

will that fit in my exhaust, do u have a D&D exhaust? Mine is not drd.

I thought you might have mis typed it. I didnt know there is Dr D and D&D , so it will probly not fit... I have DR D exhaust on mine...

You can look into the DB Dawg, they sell various sizes and might have one to fit your aftermarket exhaust. If you change the jetting a bit the power loss is minimal but the sound difference is worth it. I could not ride my local spots without one, makes my 250F sound like an XR.

i just got my fmf q4 on ebay for 199.99. brand new in the box for 03 yz450f but it easily fits onto the 426. also got a fmf sx powerbomb for 87.99 new. got to love ebay.

yo wat is the diameter of the exhaust that you got at the spot where it slips on to the header, because i don't want my header to be to be to big

Not sure the exact diameter but it slips right over the stock head pipe nice and snug. Just add a little high temp silicone to the tip of the head pipe first. The stock clamp does not fit but it fits soo snug and perfect that you dont even need a clamp.

dude can you just roughly measure it for me, my header is not stock, you wouldn't have to take it off or anything, just stick a tape measure up to it. I need to make sure the diameter is close to 1 an 7/8 of an inch. If you could do that for me I would really appreciate it.

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