Now lets see what kind of reaction I get from the YZ/WR portion of TT...I already posted the following on the KTM portion:

I currently own a 99WR400F and love it. However, it is getting a bit tired. I've been sitting back watching and listening to what people have to say about the WR450 and the KTM 450, and I think I am quickly becoming a KTM fan.

It seems (like most 1st year models) that Yam is having trouble with the WR (completely changed from previous years)where-as the KTM has been out a while (KTM 400) and has proven reliability. Maybe by the time Yamaha fixes the problems (1-2 years) KTM EXC models will be more available. By the way, by the time you add Fat Bars, a larger tank(desert), etc. your paying more than the stock KTM anyway that has these items. I also don't read about people having to cut wires, grind throttle stops and other mods just to get the KTM's to run smooth. The KTM's are green sticker legal for California too. WOW, seems like I've already made up my mind. Now I have to figure out what I am going to do about by Yamaha specific Blue riding gear my wife bought me last X-mas...does anyone know if there is a KTM orange spray paint...just kidding.

Kurt KTM makes a great scoot and I am sure you won't be disappointed. Enjoy :)

I have a wr and have been very happy with it,no problems at all.screw that grey wire it runs just fine.theres plenty of fuel for me, I havent hit reserve yet! I say YET . we just trail ride and it has worked out fine so problems with the bike at all . didnt even re-jett! my buddy has a 99 or 00 ..400 ktm its a very good running bike,he hasnt had any problems except the usually fork seals leaking and parts availabilty wich suck.

KTMs are nice bikes, but wont you have to still add a larger tank? I think the new EXCs have a 2.6 gallon just like the new WRs. Either way you go, it is pretty hard to go wrong as long as you have fun.

My buddy has a 2001 KTM 400exc and has had a lot of trouble with bolts coming loose and has a had some problems with the carburater. Won't stay running unless he takes the carb apart and cleans it. Other than that he loves it. All yeah it has 2 oil filters.

Either way you will have a great bike.

Isn't the KTM 450EXC in THEIR 1st production year also? :)




Im about 95% sure if I had the money I'd probably be riding a 525 right now. The power delivery of the 520-525 is way impressive compared to the 400.

Not to say the 400 is a dog by any means. I love my bike. I think I just found something that suits me better.

As far as all the mods over here on the blue side, I dont think that has anything to do with trying to play "catch up". Its because the guys on this side like to see what they can come up with that the factory couldnt/wouldnt have thought of. No reason you shouldnt try to make a awesome bike awesomer! (is that a word?) :):D

My cousins here in town OWN the KTM dealership and I buy Yamaha across town. Needless to say they don't have very fond feelings of me and my blue bike. They ALWAYS want me to "step up" to KTM. (Kmart Trail Machine :)) I refuse until the cost of parts come down, availability goes up and my buddies piped/kitted 540 EXC can climb the hill as well as our 426's can. Any prior posts are true , KTM's are great bikes... light, nimble and FUN! Either way you will be happy.


I was VERY close to skipping the WR450 and going with the 450EXC. I think the KTM would have been an excellent bike for me. In the end, I decided to stick with the Yamaha because of the suspension more than anything else. Oh yeah, the $7,800 OTD price tag from the only KTM dealer in town may have had something to do with it. :) With the aftermarket stuff I've added to my WR, I'm still financially ahead of the game over the KTM. I'm sure there are many TT'ers that can get better than $7,800 OTD for KTM's but not here in Boise. I have to go with what I can better afford. After 500+ miles, I have had ZERO problems with my WR; no woodruff key issues and no battery issues. I'm sure I would have loved the KTM but I love this WR!!

FYI: a friend of mine bought a NEW KTM 525 EXC for his wife for $6,400 on Ebay. WOW. My cousins, the KTM dealers, I understand wanted to turn the guy in that was selling them.


I've ridden a 520 EXC before,it has tons of torque just a different feel,more predicible.Suspension I did'nt like.Everything else I liked.I decided to take the WR426 instead,I'm glad I did,I like the mid-range hit, more like a 2-stroke.The suspension is totally awesome,it really turns well.I'm not totally nuts about the routine with the starting,but I got used to it.The seat height is a little tall,so if you are a little shorter the KTM makes more sense.The KTM is lighter.I could have had either bike. I chose the WR.All bikes have issues.I would still consider a KTM,they are nice bikes.Have Fun with your new ride. :)

The KTM 450 I rode lacked the power of the Yamaha. You would have to compare the 525 to the WR 450 as the KTM 450 is way down on power. I was all ready to go KTM until I got to ride my buddies 250 EXC for a loop. I though the rear suspension was cooky feeling. That is the only reason I stayed blue. Those KTM's are sweet looking machines. I realy would not say they were better in any way. They have there share of reliability issues. They (dealers) just like to hide it. :) --Mike

It's alot easier to find a Yamaha dealer up north than it is a KTM dealer too.So far Zero problems with my buddys 2001 KTM 520 EXC.We had a little drag race on a sand wash last year up to about 70 mph (we both got scared!) WR pulled ahead at first,then all he could show me was the tip of the front fender the rest of the way.I thought he would really pull away more than that.He probably would have if we got over 90 or so but it would'nt have mattered cause we both would have probably been killed by then.Where else are you gonna have that much fun with your clothes on??? :)

When I went a shopping for a new scoot, I had every intention of buying a KTM 525. Then I checked the specs on the WR. I went to the dealerships and the Katoom dealer wanted MSRP plus Freight/prep crap. I got my Wr 450 for 7300.00 out the door. Oh, I got a new Xr50 with it Fo' Free. :)

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