How to disable AIS


I live in CA and most likely will get checked at some point.

what is the best way to disable the AIS with out removing it completely? 2009 WR450

I read a dirt bike review that said a wad of duct tape worked well, I was thinking large ball bearings to shove into the rubber hoses.

Open to suggestions.

Those are both pretty good ideas. I think you could just insert a bolt of the right size and block the tubes.

Another option is to remove the rubber tubes, fill the ends of the metal tubes with JB Weld and after it dries, re-installl the rubber tubes.

I'm in the same situation with the same bike. I installed jetting and throttle stop that comes with Yamaha AIS removal kit and removed grey wire and opened exhaust. I left the AIS untouched.

So far I am very happy. Bike starts right up and runs great and does not over heat in the slow stuff. I do hear an occasional PFFT sound that I think is the AIS. Does not bother me.

Research on here indicated that my jetting might be a bit rich but right now I am happy. I will need to put more hours on the bike to get a better feel for performance and mileage before I tear into the carb.

Best way and is easily reversible is to simply stuff a small ball bearing in the vacuum tube near where it attachs to the intake port. But..... unless there is a reason you want it disabled, IE, to use a wideband O2 setup for jetting or to reduce decel popping. It does not affect jetting either way. The reason a lot of us take it off is to reduce clutter and shed the one pound of weight. But in places they check to see if it is there, you might as well leave alone, in most instances. All AIS does is pump air into the exhaust.

I have heard that filling them with RTV silicone will work. I have also heard that putting something small in the hoses to block them off also works.

This is just what I have heard...I would never do this to my own bike:busted:

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