yz426f help blown engine!!!! got pics

do they still make a hot rod 426 crank?

do they still make a hot rod 426 crank?

It doesn't appear they do anymore, which is strange. Looks like OEM is your best choice at this point.

Feel for you buddy, had exactly the same happen on my 2001 426 (then 3 yr old)after owning it 3 weeks , but got it rebuilt with re-plated barrel, welded head and new seats, new piston and ti valves+guides, cam chain. the workshop said the rod was straight so didn't go into the bottom end. that was 5 years ago and it is still running well now. maybe time for another rebuild before it goes bang as that was 1500 pounds.

Still not sure what the exact cause of failure was?

Anyhow have you finished rebuild? how far did you go?

If you put new valves in you should replace the guides also. Kibblewhite has cheap guides and oem are very inexpensive. Usually the machine shop will want the valves on hand when they cut the seats. They will also need to put the guides in before they do that because the guides and seats need to be concentric.

i ended yp selling the bike as it was after i tore down the motor. i had everything a part in a box. it was going to cost over two grand in parts and it was more than the bike was worth. the crank looked alright but it showed some wear on the crank sprocket and the dealer said they would probly recomend replacing it if i was planning on keeping the bike for a while. i really proboly could of got a way with a new head and valves, piston, and cams. if i just didnt tear apart the bottom end i would have better off because it looked to be in great shape. sold the bike in a box for 750 bucks and the next day i bought a 01 wr426f. ended up buying back my suspension off the guy i sold it too for 150 bucks and swapping out my forks and shock. now im in the process of replacing the timing chain on my wr426 and yz timing the bike. my wr426f flywheel puller came in the mail to day so i can finish the job. so now im going to have a yz426f basically with a wr trans and lights. also i put i keyed ignition on my bike bought a vapor computer and other stuff so i can make it street legal. i bought the wr426f for 1600, thought that was a pretty good deal. bought my old yz426f for 2100 back in the summer sold for 750. total loss of 1350 kinda of sucks but thats the way it goes sometimes. you live and you learn, hope im preventing another grenade by replacing the timing chain. heres my new ride after a washing


nice bike man! good to hear your riding again.

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