OT - Power chip in your truck?

Anyone here use one of those "power chips" in their truck? Do they work or are they a waste of $$? Im finding out that my 4.6L F150 has its hands full pulling my new travel trailer and could definately use a few more ponies. Im considering adding a power chip and one fo the aftermarket K&N style "air raid" intake systems. The chip makers are showing dyno run sheets showing 18HP gains on the 4.6L and K&N claims their air raid is good for 10-15. So do you guys think between the two I could really gain 25-30HP with these two mods? I think 25-30 would definately help the pulling sutuation!

What exhaust do you have? Get an exhaust that will breath. One single (after Y) exhaust is the best way to go. Shuttleworth (mufflers) have worked great for me.It helps with pulling and may increase HP. If they say 20 HP it is likely 10HP. After the chip, air intake and exhaust, be sure to run high octane. If you can, find someone to gut your cat... I'VE HEARD that really helps... but the gov. doesn't like it.


I have run powerchips in my last two diesel one tons. The Ford powerstroke was supposed to be a 71 horse boost, and I believe it was. I now have a Duramax with a 65 horse boost and it clearly helps. The Duramax was a dog with no mods, but now is incredibly fast and will pull anything.

I have also run K&N high flow filters and think they also help. I have a friend who put the K&N "filtercharger" intake system on his gas Chevy with a reprogramer for good results. I think the reprogramer is similar to a chip but you can change things on the vehicle computer at your discretion to try for best results.

Everyone I know agrees the chips on the gas engines are not as effective as the chips for the diesels. But, most think they help some.

I agree with FTD that if you use the chip and improved air intake system you should also modify your exhaust system. If you get more air and fuel in the engine for more power, you also need to get the exhaust out.

Hopefully someone with a similar pickup who has already installed a chip on that engine will find this thread and educate us further.

Great subject guys! What about mpg? More horsepower requires more fuel,a diesel being the exception.I have been lookin at the Dura Max. More More.

I have a 6.0 Silverado, anyone put a chip in one of these?

Whatcha think? :)

This is an interesting topic. I have a 99 Dodge Ram 1500 with the small V8 (a 318 I believe). This truck is one gutless wonder!! It gets only about 14 mpg on a GOOD day. If I put my flatbed trailer with a couple of bikes behind it, the truck really struggles. I expected a lot more than this from a full size truck.

So... with this in mind, do you guys thing a chip would help my gutless truck? Thanks for the help.


I put the hypertech program in my 98 yukon, a few years ago and it worked. I still have the programmer if anyone is interested.

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