OT - Power chip in your truck?

Anyone here use one of those "power chips" in their truck? Do they work or are they a waste of $$? Im finding out that my 4.6L F150 has its hands full pulling my new travel trailer and could definately use a few more ponies. Im considering adding a power chip and one fo the aftermarket K&N style "air raid" intake systems. The chip makers are showing dyno run sheets showing 18HP gains on the 4.6L and K&N claims their air raid is good for 10-15. So do you guys think between the two I could really gain 25-30HP with these two mods? I think 25-30 would definately help the pulling sutuation!

Keep in mind the "power chips" really don't do that much unless you also modify the exhaust system and intake system as well. However, the base power module for a Ford truck will let the gears run out to higher rpm before shifting. Also it by-passes the speed governor. Overall, there's not much difference that you will notice with the street legal chip installed, especially if you don't install a better exhaust system and a more freely flowing air cleaner. Either way, the V-6 will never produce enough torque for pulling heavy loads, it's just not designed for that. It's a great engine for city driving unloaded, and produces decent HP in the upper rpm range, but not much else.

Most "chips" actually only delay lock-up of the torque converter, allowing a later shift as mentioned. A V-6 in a truck? Remember, it is the same chassis as a V-8. Anymore than 2 bikes, and it's overworked. Better gas mileage? Sure, but all that depends on how much you put your foot into it. Get a V-8, and make it the biggest they have, if you are going to tow/haul more than 2 bikes... get serious. You will never win this one!

Uh, guys? The 4.6L is a V-8, albeit a small one.

You just beat me to it! I wanted to call Corey a funny name, but I think everyone gets the picture :) The 4.6 is a 231 HP V8 and should be able to pull a small travel trailer just fine. The chip should boost HP and torque, but it depends on the chip you go with.


Sorry guys, I was replying to the wrong post after a long day. Should have looked first, and I would have known that the 4.6 is the 302cid V-8. A simple mistake! It won't happen again...today! :)

Heh. You guys are getting closer :). The 4.6 is a 231 cid 225HP (260 or so in the newer Mustang) V8. Personally, I think it is a little too small for a truck towing even a small trailer. I have driven an F-150 with the 4.6 and it won't get out of it's own way. Add the trailer and auto trans and AC and you are probably working pretty hard on the hills. I would go for any power adders I could find, assuming a trade in isn't an option. If money isn't a big issue, screw type superchargers are perfect for this kind of application. I would be willing to bet that the intake and chip HP gains will not be totally cumulative and that you will end up with about a 20HP gain max. Every little bit does help though, so you might want to consider underdrive pulleys, too. JMHO.

The 302 WAS a 5.0 liter, though it is non existant now in the Ford lineup. The 4.6 went on to replace the 5.0 in Mustangs and pickups. This motor can also be found in some of the larger Mercurys, Fords, and Lincolns.

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