Big Bore and gytr head question

Two separate questions first,

Any experience with cylinder works kits on here? I havent seen anything about them on here. I have seen them as cheap as 394 on ebay. That seems pretty low. Seems hard to pass up on as I am planning on putting a piston in which means it'd need a gasket set anyway so now were up to almost 200 just for a fresh piston. Any opinions?

Next the gytr head that just came out is that quad only? If not what years does it fit and any way to make it fit the older bikes?

Thanks alot, Matt.

ALright well i did some research on the big bore and im probably going to do it. The head issue is another story I have no clue if its possible or what I'd have to change to make it work. Any help out there?

I too am considering the big bore kit from those guys on Ebay if you do it let me know how it turns out.

athena is junk cylinder works is a better part def do the cw kit

the gytr head can be used on the 08,09 450f. james stewart runs it

The head can only be used on an 06-09 YZ450F, the previous years used a different head design.

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