02' WR426 new problem

Bought new. I've done the BK mod, air box, shorten throttle stop, uncorked the pipe, YZ timed, grey wire cut. It has run great for a year. Now I'm fouling plugs and I have a bad bog on the bottom. Also the pipe gets red hot as soon as I fire the bike up. I've tried re-jetting the main, pilot and needle in numerous configurations to no joy. I've cleaned the carb twice. I've put it back to the original setup and still no joy. The accelerator pump is what I suspect is my problem but it seems to work properly (.3 sec). I'm out of suggestions. I'm form NC.

Dirt is life ...... and life is Dirt ...

Go figure :)

She sounds a bit rich...What jetting are you running now? What conditions and elevation do you ride in?

Did you drain & fill the tank with fresh fuel?No use in cleaning the carb if your tank is full of sediment or water.Take a fuel sample.THEN just to make sure take your carb apart to make sure the slide is'nt in backwards.We may need more info.

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