Exaust Cam Slipping after DCM

I just put a stage one hotcam for a 03 yz450 into my 99yz400 for the DCM, took it out this weekend and after some fairly easy riding the exacust cams slipped forward a tooth and it wouldnt run.:worthy: Fixed it at the camp site and it fired right back up. After about another 45 mins of riding it slipped agian... I didnt replace the cam chain while putting in the new cam being cheap :thumbsup: so i am going to do that. Is there any other reason the cam would be slipping? The cam chain tensioner seems ok. Do the cam chain guides wear out?

The two most common reasons are failing to replace the chain, and incorrectly torquing the cam caps, causing the cam to seize.

Bought a Torque wrench just for this so all signs point to being a cheap bastard and not buying a new chain :thumbsup:

Thanks Gray, i've learned alot from reading yours and a few others post

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