Lord help me, sometimes I'm just not that bright - Part III

Here is what NOT to do to a brand new tire....

Replaced the tire, and not the tube on Saturday, tube still held air even thought the tire was flat when I got out to it. Instead of missing a ride to Winter Park on a blue bird day, I filled the sucker with slime, and headed off with patches, pump, and irons in backpack. Got to Winter Park, but only 3 miles out of there on the way back, she was completely flat and wouldn't take any air. So, sent my one buddy back over the divide to drive my truck to the closest pickup spot, and another buddy helped me bust the bead, and fill the tire with pine needles, pine branches, and pine cones. Needless to say, this fix only lasted a short time.

This is what happens when you're forced to ride 26 miles on a flat, filled with pine cones, pine needles, and pine branches rear tire........


Notice the nice fine, High Country Colorado Mulch...


It's not totally shot, right :D .......


Another look at my newly developed mulching system......


Over all, two broken rim locks, tube was already trash so that's a wash, and a perfectly good - completely ruined Bridgestone M22.

Anyone need a slightly used, new tire :) ..........


Dodger :D:D

[ September 25, 2002, 10:26 AM: Message edited by: Dodger ]

You're a better man than me, Dodger, just to be able to ride 26 miles of trail on a flat! How's the gluteous maximus? :)

Wondered why you were looking for rim locks...generally (for most normal folks)those are pretty hard to lose or damage... :D

You could retrace your path...with a tool kit, air pump, and a couple of scabs. Maybe some lunch? :D

By the way, how many sequels can your viewing audience and fans expect? Dodger; Lord Help Me IV,V,VI,VII,VIII,....XXV??? :D

[ September 25, 2002, 10:36 AM: Message edited by: Chaindrive ]

Ahhh, touche'..........as long as I'm allowed around dirt bikes, I'm sure my folly's will never end.........just the way I seem to be :D .......


Dodger :):D

Dude, that sucks! Dodger man you crack me up. I guess the lesson here is that if you know your tube is leaking and you have patches, pump, and tire levers with you maybe you ought to buy a $7.00 thin tube? But, that would be too easy. I probably would have done the same :) Any way I hope you get every thing fixed.

How is the park in boulder treating you? I need to get back there for a good session, love that spine. I have probably seen you there, I was one of those evil MTN bikers snaking the bowls. laters

Yup, should have an extra tube on hand at all times......specially since no shops are open on Sundays. That's what ultimately made me decide to ride that day.........hey, I had to at least try!

Boulder park is treating me well, always enjoy skate'n at that park, people and atmosphere are cool. My buddy up in Alma has a sweet, yet small, half pipe, extra quick tranys....you can see it on my web site.


Dodger :D:)

[ September 26, 2002, 12:49 PM: Message edited by: Dodger ]

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