wr450 vs. crf 450

lookin for a new bike getting rid of my xr 400 for something lighter and with better shocks. like honda much better than yamaha, but i do alot of first and second gear riding. what do you guys think should i get the crf and do some work to prevent over heating or wait for the wr450

If you like the power of your XR400, then I would reccomend a YZ or WR250F. they actually have one more horsepower than an XR400 and are miles lighter

Yo Motorx;

Your deciding between two fine machines, but two differnet ones at that. The CRF currently is a more motocross style bike, while the WR is more suited for off road trail riding. Don't get me wrong, the CRF will tackel any trail any other bike will, but it will be lacking lights, a fly wheel weight, and wide ratio trany. And like Blade said, you also have the 250F's to throw into the mix, they are also lighter and better sprung than the XR4, and more powerful. Just a few thoughts for you......


Dodger :D:)

Two of my buddies crf's have gone down. tons of trouble with them so far. Go with the wrf... button, light etc...

I have taken my buddies 03 crf out a couple of times and I am very impressed. It handles great and feels light in the corners, great power too. I have yet to try a new YZ.

That said I love the WR and will only ride blue.

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