want a 450, need advice

Il start by introducing myself, I live in NE ohio and have been riding quads and bikes since i was old enough too. for the last few years i have been on a quad and raced xc. ive been playing around with 2-smokers for the last 2 years but decided i want to switch back to a 4. Ive started looking for a yz450 but im not near as knowledgable with bikes as i am quads. what im wondering is what should i be looking for when i look at a bike? what are some tell-tale signs that the bike has been to hell and back? im looking in the 03-05 range or somewhere right in there. what should i expect to pay for a bike in pretty good shape in those years (built or stock)? Thanks in advance for any responses.

Try the search function on the top right side of this forum. Use keywords like bike buying tips, 03 vs 04, 04 vs 05 etc... If you search this forum you don't necessarily need to add "yz or yzf"

You may find a lot of info that has been here for quite some time.

I found this for instance http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=679465&highlight=bike+buying+tips

PS. 03 yz450 may kick your donkey!

Good luck.

I would expect that $1500 to $2300 would be about right for a decent bike in those years, in your area.

The obvious things to look for are the condition of the bike externally, does it start quickly, have any weird noises, is the chain adjusted properly, does it leak.... but another important thing to me is the condition of the surroundings.

A person that is neat, clean and orderly about their house, garage and vehicles in the driveway tends too maintain their toys better.

It's no absolute guarantee, but it is a good indicator of the sellers mindset.

Any of the YZ's will be a good bike for you, but the most important thing (as usmcpaul mentioned) is to do your homework and look the bikes over closely... you don't want to end up with someone else's basket case of a bike. 00-02 426's are nice and plenty powerful, but heavy compared to the 450's. The 03-05's are nice, but I'm not a fan of the 4 speed gear box myself. The 06-09's are great bikes as well. You might be able to find a good deal on an 06 or 07 for $2500 or so if you look closely.

A person that is neat, clean and orderly about their house, garage and vehicles in the driveway tends too maintain their toys better.


:worthy: not me.

start right up (cold).

not jumping in any gear.

check oil.

air filter area, clean :).

no play or sticky feeling in the bushings or bearings, fork, swingarm.

when valves been checked, little mech history.

pull like 500 2t.

overall clean bike.


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