completely off-topic...adventure racing?

You just missed a duathalon here in Salida. They have it yearly. My girlfriend did the triathlon, so I don't know the distances for the duathalon. Check out the free publication Rocky Mountain Sports, it comes out monthly.

They list almost every activity/competition in the Rockies. They can be found at most bike/sports shops. Look in the back and you shall find what you need. :)

I'll do that-thanks a lot!

YZeezee, I cant help with the adventure racing but I know alot about the Tri/Du/mtn bike racing in the area. I have done the Hawaii Ironman 4 times and at least 100 other events, like 24 hrs of Moab, marathons, etc. I was the University of Colorado triathlon coach for 2 years. You can email me at

Does anyone know about any of the "adventure races" that take place in CO? I'm talking about the kind that usually involve mtn biking, hiking, climbing, navigating, etc...

I've never participated in one, but would like to check them out. Also, anyone know of popular biathlons (biking and running, no swimming). Thanks to anyone who has experience with this stuff in the CO area.

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