XR650R where's the Horsepower/kW ???

Hi everyone,

I just looked through my owner's manual and workshop manual to find that the horsepower/kW rating is not quoted!!!

I called my local Honda shop and they do not have this information either.

Where can I go to find the FACTORY RATED HORSEPOWER for my 2000 model XR650R, I do not want random numbers from people as i need a reliable source so i can check the figures to find out if the bike can be LAMS approved here in Australia.

I will need to quote the figure and the source of information so i kind of need a reliable source....any ideas are appreciated.

40hp at the engine stock.

40hp at the engine stock.

Where is that figure from? I need a reliable source as mentioned previously! thanks

I have no idea what LAMS is, and these are not FACTORY RATED numbers, so they may not help, but . . .

"The engine puts out 43 horsepower at 6750 rpm with all the emissions junk installed" according to http://www.dirtrodders.com/xr650r/bajaking.html

"The 649cc SOHC motor of the XR pumps out plenty of usable power, as we found out with a quick trip to the local dyno. Our stock unit turned 20.6 hp right off idle and maxed at 45.2 hp once the motor reached 6600 rpm. The power is spread evenly across the powerband without any major glitches or hiccups, although power does tail off well before it hits the 8400-rpm rev limiter." according to http://www.motorcycle-usa.com/123/941/Motorcycle-Article/2006-Honda-XR650R-Bike-Test.aspx

Cheers for the links people,

Basically the LAMS is Learner Approved Motorcycle Scheme which states what bikes are elegible for Learner riders.

Australia has a rule that the bike has to be less then 660cc and have a power to weight ratio not exceeding 150Kw per Ton.

The formula looks like this:

(Power in Kw)

------------------------- X 1000 = < 150

Dry weight of bike + 90Kg

If the BRP can pass this then learner's everywhere can ride one in Australia! But the reason for accurate information is so that if the BRP makes the cut as a LAMS bike then i need to submit an application to have it recognised as a Learner Approved Motorcycle.


After calling several Honda dealerships and finding out they have no idea what the specs for my bike are nor does HondaMPE Australia, The government road authority has prevailed and informed me that:

Factory Kw: 36.8Kw/49.35HP

Tare Weight: 132kg


----------- x 1000 = 165.77Kw/Ton which equals Not Learner Legal :thumbsup:


But at least i guess that is an accurate number considering it came from the Australian Government, Uncorked should be an interesting comparison!

Well a bit of an update is due on this one as i got some more info.

After finally finding someone with the HondaMPE organisation in Victoria that deals with the LAMS i got some interesting information.

It appears that when Honda release a bike/car to the general public they have to submit what is called an "RVD sheet" to the Roads & Traffic Authority.

This sheet details all the specifications on the bike/car which include Tare/Dry weight and tada!~ power! but unfortunately Honda does not disclose this information to the general public, as they deem it is corporate information, however the Roads & traffic Authority released this info to me as some of the information that appears on your rego label comes from this RVD sheet.

The RTA use the RVD sheet when assessing a bike for elegibility onto the LAMS. But as for QLD having the XR650R on their sheet of LAMS, Honda have informed me that some of the info supplied to the RTA at the time of LAMS introduction happened to be wrong and that all the states will be reviewing their LAMS bikes to ensure consistency between states, It has been mentioned that VIC and NSW have updated their lists but QLD have not.

So untill then, Lets all move to QLD and ride our BRP's on our Learner licenses!

Lovely. Just what you needed, Big Brother telling you it is too much for you. Gotta love that. We are headed the same way in this country, i am afraid.

Lovely. Just what you needed, Big Brother telling you it is too much for you. Gotta love that. We are headed the same way in this country, i am afraid.


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