WR426 VS DRZ400 which one ?

I'm going back to dirt riding. And I love it. After nearly 15 years of other occupations my oldest son(15) made me bring my old Sachs 250 wr 6 speeds1978, back to life. After I saw him go all over the place except where he pointed it, I bought him a TY 250. Still an old machine (1977) but to learn the basis of dirt riding I think it's best for him, and I have to say that riding this bike is fun. Now I'm the one riding the beast (the sachs). It's like I never stopped. I'm sure that my time around the track is slower, to say the least, but I'm having so much fun I can't beleive it. Now I want to preserve my vintage machine, and I have to choose between those two fine machines. The wr 426 or a drz400.

My question is which one would be more reliable for : quick trail riding, regular (fun)use on a MX track, pure off road fun? I ran Husqvarnas (360/390)during the end of the 70's and a few others afterward. But now that I want to ride more often, the new machines are thousands miles ahead of what I'm use to. Remember I still have my 1978 Sachs 250 wr. And to say the least, when I look at all the mechanical/electrical set up of these new bikes, it's impressive. I tried a YZ 426 and was completely overwhelmed by the power, the suspension and specialy the braking. What a rush. I got off the bike with saliva dropping on my chin saying "I want one Iwant one..." I know that a YZ surely exceeds my needs and hability. But still that ride was fun. So too stay on firm ground the WR would be my choice over the YZ. Now the choice of the DRZ VS the WR would be a matter of reliability and I have to say, performance. I know that both of these bikes offer the electric start, which is nice too.

Thanks for reading me

Sylvain , Verchères, Québec.

Both are great bikes I have an 01 drz400s and a 02 wr426 love both of them. I would have to say the wr is one mean ride even stock, it is real impressive. You have to learn the starting drill but I have been riding 2 strokes for 18 years and my wr starts almost everytime first kick. The wr is slightly modified and I am satisfied except the wide tank is a little wierd probably will change the combo soon.I also have a plate on the bike so I made up a dual sport kit and installed it. The drz is also sweet (E-start) more of a trail bike stock but with some mods it can also rip. The mods I did for the drz were opened air box (cut open top slightly) rejetted, Yoshimura full exhaust, uni filter, MT 21 tires skid plate, bars, WC frame guards, CLC case savers,brake snake,Acerbis handguards, and removed alot of weight from the bike. Its close to the 426 in power but the 426 is still king of my garage. (Except for my Model A street rod SBC powered of course.)Good luck on your purchase!

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