Need softer seat for wr426

Does anyone know of there is a softer seat that will fit my '02 WR 426?

If your cheap like I am, lol, I just pulled the staples holding the cover, cut several 1" holes in the original foam, went to the local fabric store, picked up some soft foam to add to the seat and stapled the cover back on. Took about 2 hours and 12 bucks. Went on a 72 mile ride yesterday with no monkeybutt. With the old seat I could only make it a couple of hours or 30 or so miles.

I've got a Guts racing seat. I really like it.

Thanks! I'm there and it looks good.

I thought about that. I had a guy tell me to drill out a bunch of small holes from the back which will break the foam down a little. I tried that and still had monkeybutt (i use that term all the time). I may look at your solution if the Guts seat is too pricey. Either way, two good solutions. Thanks!

Checking that out now. Thanks for your opinion, I appreciate it.

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