need help quick

ok well i just gave my 03yzf450 a service and wash etc. it starts fine but the oil isnt showing up on the dipstick, i let it warm up etc, when ive done oil changes in the past it has never done this. whats happening?

So, you poured oil in the filler port on the left side? Check to see if the level has dropped at all, as it should if it were being pumped back to the tank normally. If it has, check the oil pressure. It may be a matter of just not enough oil.

If you have no oil pressure, you can try filling the tank directly through the dipstick port, then see if the pressure returns and teh level drops.

What I have seen happen is the drive pin for the scavenging pump rotor will shear, leaving the feed pump operational. This has the effect of draining the tank into the sump because there is no scavenging pump to return the oil to the tank, and could account for what you are seeing.

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