proof that Asterisks work!

Had an MRI on my knee... I hurt it riding a year ago. torn minuiscus, torn ACL (very little tendon left, like strands) It is a little uncomfortable most of the time, except when I ride every other day!

the more I ride the less I feel the pain.

ALWAYS wear my Asterisks when riding.

Great investment..... but I need surgery to be able to feel 100% confident of its integrity.

Dr. laughed at me when he heard I've put 1000 miles on the beast this season, Plus some mountain biking.. :)

another month then I get cut.

the Dr. pinched the back of my knee (hamstring) "yeah, that'll do"

HUH? "I'll use that tendon to replace your ACL!"


oh well!

God speed Garrett, we miss you!

Nice piece "o" beef?

Hamstring?? On mine about 10 yrs ago, they took about 1/3 of the middle part of the patella tendon (I think that's what it's called) - the tendon just below the kneecap. It's got a groove in the middle and a bit of bone missing just below and in the kneecap so they can use it to graph it into place on the knee. worked fine, used to to heavy squats and no problem with a weak patella (I think it's a bit over compensated for so it's 'safe' to remove some for the ACL). Wonder why they aren't considering that. It's either that or a cadaver source I thought.

Hamstring graft is less 'invasive' compared to a patellar graft. I had a patellar graft and can't kneel on the knee w/o a knee pad - surgery was Nov '99. My co-worker had a hamstring graft and didn't have the kneeling problem. He skis so I don't think the hamstring graft is a problem. If I had it to do over I'd probably go with the hamstring graft.


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