Canadian bike questions... I may be getting one

What is different from the us version of the wr 450? Please list everything you can think of. Thanks a million

Chris :)

the canadian edition has...




comes stock with...



the exhaust is sealed and cannot be modified

the bike has best of both worlds euro specs with U.S. suspension !

Thanks! How does the exhaust flow compared to the us version? Anyone else?

Chris :)

The exhaust is disgusting it looks and sounds like a scooter exhaust

We are busy modifying one and will post some pics when we are finished

TTT thanks

Chris :)

Anyone got anything else? Are the suspension and frame the same? What is the difference in the tires? :) Thanks!!

Chris :D

I'm living in Alberta Canada myself and am still waiting for my Wr to be sent to the dealers :) I'd be interested to know these things as well as I've already ordered the throttle stop and the exhaust insert from gyt.

Beware. Some state DMV's are starting to ask for EPA reports on Canadian purchased bikes. I have had problems in Arizona and California.

ETP if you have the canadian bike was your exhaust sealed as mentioned by mdr001 .... :)

I have a Canadian version and the exhaust comes welded, you can't remove the baffle like the American version. There is no throttle stop, grey wire or airbox snorkle and it comes with dunlop tires. I live at about 3,500 ft. and the jetting seems perfect but I use a DrD pipe.

I was thinking about buying a DRD pipe what do you think of it. in what part of the powerband does it pull the hardest.

I didn't even start the bike with the stock exhaust on it so I don't have any comparison. The DrD pipe pulls very hard from the bottom all the way through the mid and seems to taper off a little on top. The pipe works perfect for my purposes (cc and mx) but I'm still not used to the power and speed it will carry compared to my YZ426, its way too fast in some cases.

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