Removal of Hot-Start Cable on WR450?

If one wanted to permanently remove the hot-start cable assembly on a WR450, what would be the best way to do this at the carb? Shouldn't the plunger & spring be kept in place & sealed off at the top somehow?


Catfish ...

I use my hot start all the time once the engine is hot. Are you removing it because it does not work or your jetting may not let it work? If you want to relocate it, Works Connection has a thumb mount position with clutch perch mount. Otherwise I have no idea why you would want to remove it or how to seal it off.

I have discovered that my olde tried & true method of starting Honda singles (with a slight crack of the throttle) works fine hot or cold+choke, & consequently, don't use or need a hot-start cable.

This will also allow me to replace the back of my clutch perch with one that has a 10-mm threaded hole for a Real dual-sport mirror.

So, I'm thinking of cutting the cable just above the plastic carb fitting & covering with rtv.

Has anyone disabled their hot-start & removed the cable?

Catfish ...

Just wait until it kicks back and nearly rips your leg off.

The hot start is not really a cable. It's a vaccum tube and the switch allows fresh air into the combustion process after carburation. This reduces the vaccum on the head side of the carb slide leaning the mixture.

As for the comment of kickback, the 450 with auto decomp cam should not be kicking back.

If you have ever laid that guy over in the middle of the summer you would know that hot start is a keeper. However I would recommend buying an aftermarket hot start it works much better.

If you are insitent on removing it you will need to eliminate the "octopus" on the side of your carb. This involves buying a YZ air jet and vaccum capping all of the air inlet holes in the carb. Then put a vaccum cap on the air inlet hole on the side of the head and voila no hot start.

Good Luck


Do not fill that hole with RTV. That hot start has an unbeliveable vaccum on it. It will suck that RTV right into the motor. Valve seats dont like RTV on them.

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