What's the story on flywheel weights?

It's my bad riding, I know, but I have heard a heavier flywheel helps prevent low rev stalls. I trail ride, and haver recently started enduro racing, and find that my lack of skill sometime leaves me stalling over some low speed obstacles. Would a flywheel help, and has anyone had experience of fitting and using one?


My 99 400 has a 12 oz steahly flywheel weight on it. It was put there by the oridinal owner. I have stalled the bike but that is only when I was going down super steep hills with both brakes locked. I don't know what it would by like without it. I don't think it robs too much power.

BTW, Jim if you read this is that flywheel weight in addition to the stock one or does it replace the stock one.

I would be scared to put additional weight on the flywheel on my WR450. If it has a problem with sheering woodruff keys, the additional inertia of a flywheel weight could only add to that problem.


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