Optimum F.I

Saw a pic of a bike with Optimum Fuel Injection. Anyone tried it? Anyone know where I can find out more? I tried the homepage but basically that didn't give me anything.

Have not heard of it. What's the address of their homepage?

Now you guys are talking. www.optimum-power.com

Optimum has been adding F.I to Yamahas for a few years now.

Instead of adjusting your jetting manually and settling for a happy medium you can precisely control the fuel/air mixture and timing from idle to redline to get the most out of your bike.

I haven't seen all the Yamaha maps but the Cannondales have dozens of maps some real mellow maps with no hit for woods all the way to real aggressive custom maps that practically jerk the bike out of your hands. Definitely worth a look or call to OPT.

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