Looking for Baja kit for YZ 426

I have'nt riden in a while for me atleast 10 years or better. then my buddy gets a bike and he wants to riding so I go to the dealer and act like tim allen biggest badass bike you have.well I now own a 2002 YZ 426 whitch is a great bike for the track . but I forgot it's nice to go trail riding and short road way too.I need to find out where to find a good baja kit and or suggestion on the matter

Thank you frist time user

Try Baja Designs or Electrex both are good systems and both companies are very helpful. I have a BD kit on my bike and my friend has an Electrex. I guess it is up to your personal preference on which system to use. Also you are going to need a wr stator or your stock modified one.

[ September 25, 2002, 06:22 PM: Message edited by: woodsrider426 ]

Are you talking about a light kit or actually setting your bike up for baja?

Sorry for not making myself clear,I need to install a light kit so I can ride in dirt or street and be able to regester my bike for a lic. plate

thank you :)

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