Hot Wr ?

How fast do you have to be going on my WR 426 to keep the engine at the correct temperature? I've noticed when cruising around slowly in second gear there is a hot oily smokey smell which I think is coming from the engine breather. Usually its only when Im exploring and looking for new places to ride. Been wondering how long you can cruise around like that with out cooking the motor. Never used to worry on the air cooled and they used to get sizzling some times

Is the radiator boiling over? I can run mine all day long in second and as long as I’m at least moving some it doesn’t get above 210.


Not boiling or using water but Ive been trying to have spurts of speed every now and then to keep things cool. I havent had a water cooled before and I have started exploring looking for some trails Ive found on google satelite maps so Ive had to poke through natural bush in hilly country to try and skirt around private property. I was just concerned at what point does the engine start to get damaged when hot. Will it just start to boil like a car does indicating its time to turn it off or turn around and give it a run for a bit. Do you also know if blowing a hose is a common problem. I would hate to get stuck somewhere.

Mine has never gotten to the point of boiling over so I’m not sure how to answer your first question. I can’t say I’ve ever read a thread where a hose has blown so I don’t think that’s an issue. You might just want to add a temp gage for peace of mind.

never boiled mine but was at 225F once stuck in traffic, as soon as you on the move it drops to about 150-170 (77F sunny day), now having boyesen pump fitted and Engine Ice coolant I might be running too cool at 120-130 with max 175 but that might be just sensor on the cooler side of the cooling system

Thanks Guys that gives me a better idea on what the go is. yeh have been a bit concerned in trafic to and sometimes I turn it off but its always a bit risky as for sure that will be the time it wont start first kick. Ill look into a guage I think but everything here in Australia seems to be so expensive.

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