what HP?

Hi All

I am about to pull the trigger on 08 motarded 450 ( stock engine and pipe )

I am wondering what hp I can expect to put out with jetting,airbox, full pipe and grey wire mod done.

I currently have 08 Drz400sm with bbkit,cams,carb,pipe and flowed head which is fun(48hp) so don't want to be disappointed when I make the swop.


I am not sure on the hp, but you will not be disappointed. Whole different animal.

You will need to un-cork and re-jet to get what you are looking for. Stock is wimpy. Add a pipe and an exhaust cam, and you will be in heaven.

Still, even just uncorked, there is no comparison between the two bikes. The WR has torque down low, weighs much less.

My 2007 uncorked, JD jet kit, stock pipe made 44hp at real wheel with about 500 miles of break-in.

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