Should I have TSB performed on my WR450??

500+ miles and no woodruff key issues. At this point, my worries of a failure are almost gone. The TSB from Yamaha states all 2003 WR450 models are affected. If you were in this situation, what would you do? Would you have it serviced or just ride it?

Dave, I thought the same until 3 miles out and mine broke (was a long push home in 85 degree weather). You never know when these keys will brake! Also the service bulletin makes it clear that there is a machining issue as they ask you to lap the parts extensively. Your choice but I had to re-do mine. Also tried to email you the bulletin but it came back as unsendable? Please PM me again if you still want the Bulletin.

Bob :

I would like to see the bulletin


How many total miles had you logged before it failed?

Also, I think your email may have bounced due to my email filter. Sorry about that!

Here's the link to the TSB for anyone that would like to see it. Thanks to for posting this.

Woodruff Key TSB

It's good to see Yamaha is going to warranty these regardless of whether or not the warranty has expired. :)

I would wait unless you have a good dealer.It says to cover whether under warranty or not.So if it does end up shearing bring it in then.just my .o2

Good job ! My WR450 is having it's first service today and I brought the TSB in as well. To date, the dealer has not yet received their "offical" TSB from Yamaha. If Yamaha doesn't pay for it, I will. My rides are too far in the middle of nowhere to be stranded.

I have the same concerns. I have about 300 miles on my WR450, but I have had no problems so far. My dealer is about 90 miles away. I hate to drag it all the way there, leave it for a few days, then go all the way back to get it if the repair isn't really necessary.



I'm going to have mine done. I think that once it does cut loose the spinning crank on the flywheel may damage the crank. I think that is why we are seeing some multiple failures. If the taper is off to begin with, just think how much it would be off after 13,000 revolutions with the flywheel stationary.

The complete TSB is posted at if antone wants to pull it up.

Can not open it. Is it me? ---Mike

It requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to open it.

If anybody wants a copy of the most recent tsb I can e-mail it to them :)

Sun rises over the Tetons to the east and sets in the west over the dunes of St. Anthony. You are one lucky guy... :)

I called Yamaha corp today and they said I did not need the fix. :) Can someone send it to me anyway?

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