DRZ125 Idle Problems

Have an '05 DRZ125 I recently got for my son. Had idle problems when I got it. Will only idle with the choke on. I searched old post and saw the culprit is usually a stopped up carb, specifically the pilot jet. I removed, disassembled and cleaned everything but it runs exactly the same. What do I do from here. I noticed the main jet size is 107.5 and there was some trash and flaky residue inside.

I'd go back after the pilot circuit . not just the jet but the whole circuit. get in there with some fine wire and poke around, then compressed air . Then if possible go one size larger than stock on the pilot jet . Lastly search around and find the mod for digging the air screw out so it can be accessed and adjusted.

Make sure the air filter is nice and clean also.

Went back through the pilot circiut last night and adjusted the air screw. With the idle screw all the way in I have an idle although it is a rather low one. It is easier to start and runs excellent. If the idle screw is all the way in how do you raise the idle more? I'm sure it's no where near the 1700rpm that Suzuki specs. Did I see something somewhere about shimming the needle or something?

shimming the needle will help it run a little better off idle but really doesn't affect the idle .

do you have all the junk that is associated with the needle installed in the correct order ?

If the idle screw is all the way in it should be idling very quickly .

+1 on the clogged pilot jet.......just replace it, thier cheap.:ride:

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