WR 450 03 vs 520 EXC 02 ?

Which one should I pick..... I`m looking to trade my 98` WR 400...

the KTM will cost me appox. 2800$ CDN more... about 1750$ US.

Is it worth it for...

hydrolic clutch

linkless rear suspension

pro-taper style magura aluminium bars

no tool air filter access

panoram computer**

street leagal**

+ other things that I might have overlooked manuverability? suspension(WP vs. Kayaba)? Brakes? motor response ? etc....

**the bike is brand new, it`s just that they installed the street legal kit and the panoram for a guy that finally didn`t buy it...

any opinion you guys might have would help me in my decision making !!

forget about it guys.... I`ve decided to spoil myself and get the 2003 525 EXC.... I`ll be getting it next week...

Al, But won't you miss your Hebo clutch? haha

Well the KTM comes stock with the Magura unit which is somewhat stiffer than the hebo... but with all the other stuff that comes stock I don`t really mind that I`m loosing the hebo....

I`m F**ing ecstatic :D:D:D

I can`t think straight.. maybe that`s why I spent so much !! :):D

KTM 520, or the 525. Both great bikes, E-start, lighter, lower seat height, I made the switch, much more enjoyable. Much more maintenance though.

Much more maintenance though.

Can you descirbe ??

I know that it has two oil filters & 2 screens instead of one filer...

do the valves need more checking ?? what else ??


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