Suspension Help, Spring Swap?? Do it yourself???


I just bought a new 2008 yz 450 f. I am 6'7" 250LBs. I rode a yz 450 2005 with front and rear springs rated for my weight. My question is this. I swapted the springs on my old bike (stock for aftermarket) and there didnt seem to be much to it. It was alot easier than I thought it would be to do the work. The only thing is that I never really feel like I dialed in the clickers to well because I never feel like I got it right. It makes me feel like I didnt insall the springs correctly even though there cant be to many things that can you wront.

Because my bike is new(08) I feel like i should take it in to the shop to have them do the spring swap. The other part of me is like... Just do it you weiner it will be fine. Its hard to pay money for something when I know I could do it in less than an hour.

My question for you is this. When it comes to the springs. Is it mainly the sag and clickers that will play the biggest role in suspension set up or do you think its easy to mess crap up when you do the spring swap.

Also what fork oil should I go with and would you recomend going with the max that is recommened for a guy my weight.

Its hard to even think about doing the spring swap anyway because right now with my suspension stock, new and plush it feels like a dream eventhough i know i am way to heavy compared to the guy that the bike was designed for.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated

Do it yourself. Use a quality oil of the recommended weight and set the level to stock settings. I am about your weight and did a spring swap and added oil closer to the maximum level. The extra oil seemed to add some harshness to the fork so I plan on returning to the stock level.

If you swapped the springs on your '05 and got it right, then you should find the '08 to be no more difficult. The forks and shock are basically the same, as are the procedures involved. The late style fork is fussy about oil level in the outer chamber, and a little one way or other makes quite a difference.

I have a couple of friends at near your weight who went with bigger springs to match, and they loved the results. If you think your suspension works well now, you will really like it once you get the spring rate right.

he thanks guys I really appreciate it

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