Anyone ride near Pittsburgh, PA?

I am planning a trip back that way the secon week in Nov. I will be in the charleroi, Monessen area. Let me know I you are up for a ride or know of some good riding areas. Aloha Rob

Where are you ridding at?

I know there is good riding down the hole pan handel of WV there in the Ohio Valley below Wheeling. I was working down there and needed a tube for a bike for the weekend, Since I was down there I was not going to get the part in time and I saw and stopped at a shop and got the tube. I asked him about the riding and he said "you can ride almost anywhere up the hill" . Down there Everyting is either up the hill or down the hollow. Its funny cause the mountains are so steep that pretty much sums it up :) . I saw tons of quads in the back of Pick ups too.

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