AAahha, my roomate busted at ISDE for speeding, by chick cop!!

.....aaaaaaahhhhhahahahahhah..........Eric was busted for speeding at ISDE, by a chick cop no less :) .........

Still, the local police was out in force and set up a speed trap through one of the city routes. After impounding their motorcycles at the end of the day, the riders were greeted by a table and tent erected by the cops, and each rider had to stop at the table to see if they had been caught on camera breaking the 50 kilometer speed limit - most of them had. Luckily, most of them were given only warnings but would have to pay a fine if caught again. The accompanying photo shows an American rider being warned.
Eric ended up 112th after day two......GO ERIC!!!



Dodger :D:D

[ September 26, 2002, 10:12 AM: Message edited by: Dodger ]

OOOO chick cop :D:)

Bumped into one that looked like that a while back at the local c-store. After looking around for the playboy photo crew that just HAD to be there, I asked her if ANYBODY had ever resisted her 'cuffs. Not missing a beat, she smiles and says "Just the women..." :D Made me want to steal something right there! :):D

Hey Dodger hows Eric doing since day 1??

Beware chick cops, they are nuts!!! I have first hand knowldge of this!!!!

Hey endurodog...

He was 146th after day one, and 112th after day two. Sounds like the pace's on day one were absolute hell. Will be real curious to see how much more he'll move up after today.

Do you race with Eric? Ummm, "enduro"dog, D'uh........


Dodger :):D

ME NEXT!!!.....ME NEXT!!!!


Yep I do, he knows me, Rex McKinney, tell him to kick ass for me if ya talk with him.

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