tire recommendations

I do alot of crooss-country racing and harescrambles and was just wonder what types and sizes of tires you guys have had good luck with. I have a wr 450. I have been using trelleborg but cant find them in canada any more. I have found a few places in the US but by the time they would get here they would me a $150 tire. I also have been using the cheng shin 755 & 756 5.30's and they worked decent for the price. Your recommendations?

THE BEST combomation I have found for grip and wear is the Michelin m-12 front and the s-12 (140) rear. The front sticks the corners like it is on rails and the rear is like a warm top fuel dragster's slicks... well kinda. I ride rock to sandy terrain and it is a great all around combo.


I say the Michelin H12 rear and M12 front..............db

P.S. This is going to be my next set in two weeks.

Hey bigd450

Do you use the trelly's in the summer? I like M12 front and a 140/80 rear S12. Blackfoot has the best price on the rear, usually around $101

I have only used two trelleborg and yes they were in the summer. They were the supermasters and boy did they ever hook-up any where, especially in the mud they also worked good in the rocks, I wish I could get my hands on some more. I have been using the cheng shin because I go through lots of tires and I can get them for around 60 bucks. But it sounds like I might have to try out these S-12 michelins.

S12's are great except on slick hard pack. I had the back end come around on me on a 20 degree banked hardpack corner without warning or any intention of trying to bite and high side. I low sided and the bike spun around sliding on the banking. I was very suprised by the lack of grip and I was still 10 yards from the apex trying to drive the bike hard into the decreasing radius. The stock Dunlop 739's never did this in the same corner. At this rate I will need all new plastic on my bike by the end of the year. The hardpack sand really chewed up my plastic.

I am running a Bridgestone M602 in the rear and have been quite impressed with the results so far. It has gone through three 60+ mile hare-scrambles and several rides this season and it still has about 60% tread left. The M602 is a comparable tire to the stock Dunlop 739 but the wear has been much better for me. My next tire will likely be a Maxxis Cross IT, several people in my club are using them with good results. The terrain we race in is soft gravel washes, hard dirt roads, and sharp rocky hills.

I get the idea that most people like the M-12 on the front. Some like the S-12 on the rear and some like the H-12. Does that average out to an M-12 rear? I ride desert, hard packed dirt roads/trails, rocky hills, etc.


Right now i'm trying out the Kenda Lugunacross! They were designed by the guy who left Dunlop!! That's the story i heard!

At the Adelanto GP they were selling rears for 32-35 bucks each

and 21 for a front! So far so good, 2 races and they still look almost new. The hook up is great and the tire is predictable.

I like the to run the Dunlop 755 front and Dunlop 756 on the rear. I am currently running Michelin S12 front and Michelin M12 on the rear and I think it is a good combination. It took me a couple of rides to get used to them.

If I can be honest here a minute...If you liked the Chin Chin, you will probably be happy with anything black and somewhat round.

I did not like these tires at all! I would have been better off riding on the bare rim.

I switched to Dunlop 756's and have been thrilled with them. They do appear to wear slightly fast, but I can live with that!

I wholeheartedly agree with FTD and Banffboy. The M12 front and S12 (140/80) rear is a superb combination. The big thumper can easily handle the monster rear tire.

I've been running the S12 rears in all sorts of conditions for 2 years now on my 426 and cannot believe how well it hooks up in almost every condition imaginable (snow and ice are still a little tricky! :)). Finally went to a M12 front thanks to the recommendations on this site and it did indeed prove to be a perfect compliment.

Good luck.

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