yz426f valves? titanium or stainless steel

do stainless steel valves from the 2000 yz426f work in the 02 yz426f? do the stain less steel valves not last as long? i can get titanium valve/ spring kit for 330 bucks and a stainless steel kit for 113 bucks. wondering if the stainless last and hold up as long as titanium or at least close to as well as the titanium?

if u go ss to save money dont forget to add that you will need that valve springs from the 2000 426 to prevent valve float due to the ss valves being heavier

do the stainless steel last as long? the stainless steel kit cam with valves and the springs for 115 bucks

They last at least as long, yes. There are 400's on this board with the original valves still in them.

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