WR426 won't start after valves adjusted.

Hi Guys.

Brief history, Bike started 1st kick when cold, but when hot i was having to kick the crap out of it to get it started. even using hot start.

Went in to the local yammy dealer and was advised to check the air intake rubbers for splits/wear, cause nothing else has changed on the bike.

Also advised to check the valves out, there was some adjustment required to the valves but not much.

Didn't find any splits in intake rubbers, so put the bike back together.

Used my electric right boot to try and get it started, a couple of times it almost fired up but after 20 mins i was feed up.

The kick start seemed a little stiffer to kick than normal.

Had to walk away at this point before i lost my cool with it.:thumbsup:

Had another go at it a couple of hours later no luck.

Any ideas guys? cheers Rich.

You adjusted the valves so you had removed the cams.

Re-check the cam timing, confirm you have correct cold clearances.

Yep, checked out timing and rechecked valves everything is in specs, checked that i got a spark/checked plug gap. Cleaned out carb and reset fuel screw.

Still no go, but its trying to fire but something is still not quiet right. Rich.

Did you remove the TPS from the carb when you cleaned it? Also, did you clean out the pilot jet?

Valves too tight.

Triple check

Try starter fluid - not too much, just to see if it will fire at all. also re-check valves and timing.

Yep, rechecked timing, valves, plug, spark, didn't remove tps, cleaned carb out again, its trying to fire but not been successful, had to walk away before i did something that i might regret. cheers Rich.

Ok, harder to kick that's good, try a new spark plug, don't try to clean it, it's a waist of time. Try to bum start it?? and adjust your hot start??

Is your idle set to low? My bike starts easier when cold if I screw the idle in a little; IDK maybe it's my cams.

Thanks for the input guys, try a new plug next, idle was fine when it was running.

Starting to think that having to kick the crap out of it when hot is acceptable now, cause at least it would run! and when it did run it was perfect, kept up with and out performed much newer machinery.

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