diference between wr 450f and the atv yfz 450

hi i would like to kno what the difference between the wr 450 and the atv yfz 450 . i mean the engine .gear ratio .cranckshaft .camshaft.setting from the carbs and mo .cause i notice there is alot of engine parts for the atv 450 and not the wr 450 . i see alot of site with engine mod s for the atv like porting and valve kit and not for the wr 450 . i had plan to copy the settin for the atv and try it on the wr .thanks for y all advice :thumbsup:

There are several differences between the WR/YZF engines and that of the YFZ quad. You'll be better off using parts and specs for the YZ450. What is it that you are trying to accomplish?

well i lookin for camshaft ,porting job ,and cdi like vortex ,parts for the wr a kind a hard to find ,

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