brakes squeeking?

hi guys my mate brought a 2008 yz450.

took it to the track and the front brakes seem to be sqeeking and always do when braking.

sometimes under low braking it makes a stuttering sound?

anything we can do to fix this? know what is wrong?


i had an issue with the rear brakes on mine ...a high pitched squeal all the time hot or cold...plenty of oem pad...thought it was the insulator plates so i put anti squeal on them still had the problem it turned out to be the little metal part that the "tab" of the pad slid into , was loose and vibrating causing the check that....take the pads out and check to see if the shiny metal parts that hold the pads feel loose...i added a drop of hi temp silicone between the loose part and the more squeek for for the stuttering sound if theyre oem yam ive got no clue...alot of guys run honda crf450 front pads...maybe try that?

I had the exact same issue with my front brakes (08 yz450). Turns out my fork seals were leaking ever so slightly and some of the fork oil made it onto the pads. Might check that while you're in looking it over.

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