I need your best Roost picture, RoostZone.com

Ok, I'm finally getting around to building my RoostZone.com website.

I guess I should say that for now I won't be selling anything on the site. It will be just a way for me to broaden my programming/technical skills, and share some photos, etc. with family and friends.

But, since the site will be named Roost Zone, I need an awesome photo for the banner and/or homepage. I'll try to put together a page with all the best roost photos I receive as well.

So, if you'd like to have your picture up on my site, please email me at armourbl@yahoo.com with your best roost photo.


I sent you one Ben.

It wont make the intro page though. thats for sure.. :D:)

Ok, the site is up and running. I've got all the received photos except for Bert's uploaded. Sorry Bert, I'll get right on it.



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