Pro Moto Billet Muffler Insert

Ok guys. Just picked up the new Pro Moto Billet muffler insert this afternoon. Lynn (at PMB) tested this insert against the GYT-R and they rated the same for noise levels. They both tested at 91.5-92db on my WR450! I love the looks of this all aluminum, extremely light and very trick looking insert. Take a look:

Pro Moto Billet Muffler Insert

How much do those cost? thanks

Chris :)

NICE insert!

PMB is going to charge the same as for GYT-R...$39.95. I think it looks nicer than the GYT-R, personally. :)

Not sure about performance. I was hoping to get out tomorrow but it looks like rain. I'm sure performance will be similar to the GYT-R. I really need to get jetting tuned in for these inserts.

Well at least PMB held the line on price,thats a good thing.I also have to agree with you it IS better looking than Yamaha's piece.I was running an "E" taper needle with the YZ pipe but had to go back to the "D" taper for the insert on my 426.Have fun with your jetting party :)


Where did you get that insert?Did you make it? It is real nice looking. :)

That's a homemade insert blue_one all polished stainless steel.The guys over on the YZ250F side came up with the idea I just kinda took It a step further. :)

I like it now i'm off to the 250 side to find the post.



Pro Moto,

How is the performance I am in the market for an insert. What do all of the small holes around the outside do (it appears nothing). Sure looks pretty though.

Have you compared your insert flow rates to the GYT-R insert? I was wondering how it compares with noise levels also. Thanks.

Whoops, see ddialogue posted sound comparisons. The PMB does look nice. I have the Yama insert and I have to say the PMB looks better. But, if they perform the same I'll still be happy...

How does the pro moto billet insert quiet the bike down without becoming restrictive? It looks like a fancier version of the stock baffle we all throw away because it is so restrictive.

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