Scotts, WER which stabilizer and tripple clamps?.

I know I want a stabilizer but can I save some money and buy other then Scotts? Anyone know the difference between all of them?

Triple clamps. I just have to get forward. The store is recommending the Tag triple because they go 25 mm forward. Most others are 15 or 17 maximum. Would I ever need to go 25mm forward? I wanted to use applied because I like their risers and I need around 2 inches of height according to the way I was told to measure. My setup originally was a protaper Windham bar, which has 3.90 inches of rise but only 2.13 inches of sweep. I was told if I get a bar that sweeps forward I am loosing the forward position I am trying to gain. Also the applied has a 10mm riser but only has 15mm forward position. Might I need more?

With a std. GPR or Scotts setup you will need to settle on your triple and bar clamp setup before you get the mounting kit.

When I last spoke with GPR they didn't quite have the answer to every possible bar clamp setup but that was probably six months ago so that may have changed.

The WER mounts at the bottom of the steering tube and sits just above the fender so you can run whatever you want up top. There is also a kit that allows you to mount a Scotts simlarly. I don't know if Scotts offers this, the first one I saw was made by a seperate entity.

The main difference between Scotts and GPR is that the former only damps away from center. I asked GPRs owner/founder about this and it was his belief that this was a bit of overengineering, but I really like the "it steers itself" sensation of the Scotts. Also, the Scotts offers more adjustment, you can change the range over which it operates (called sweep, I like this feature) and change the high speed damping (a knob that most never touch).

I've ridden a bike equipped w/ a GPR, but too briefly to give an accurate comparison. By all accounts they work very well and GPR offers very good support, I beleive they may even service the unit for free (?). I service my Scotts myself.

As for the WER I can't remember if it damps both ways or not, but the Scotts will probably run you almost $100 more than either the WER or GPR.

As for the bar position that is all a matter of preference of course, but I can't imagine that I would prefer my bars a whole 25 mm more forward, but then again I ain't ever tried that. I have a top clamp that pushed them 10 mms forward and it was a noticeable improvement for me, I'm about six feet...

Hope this helps!

Thanks, how and when do you use the dial?

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