Wenatchee ride invite

A group of us is getting together Saturday morning to ride. If you got nuthin better to do, come join us!

We plan on meeting at the Buckboard (on Bluett Pass) at 8:30 am. Once breakfast is finished, we are heading up the pass to Ruby Creek. From there, up Tronsen Ridge to Beehive/Liberty road. Taking a right, and heading out to Liberty. I laready have confirmation from Mineral Springs that they have gas, so that should not be an issue.

We are planning on spending the rest of the day on the jeep/orv trails around Liberty.

The more the merrier!



Don't be using up my Mineral Springs gas supplies now Brandon. :)

I'm in for this ride. I agree the more the merrier. We are going to hit some nice country tomorrow. TIME!!!?

22 hours, 10 minutes and counting down!

This is gonna be nice!


Yeah I'm in. That rain we got yesterday afternoon should provide ideal trail conditions.

ah brandon wish i could go. Hopefully i can get this fuel pump on my truck fixed ok. We will see. Could get stranded. who knows. Have a great day.

Chris l.

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