Wr 400 Throttlew problem for a newbie


Just picked up a 99 WR 400 and got an issue

The bike ran fine but the throttle now sticks at aboput 30% open which is a bit of an issue !!!

Sorry to be dumb but what are the basic things to check in order to resolve the problem

Thanks for any help:worthy:

Check the cable routing and make sure the throttle is not twisted. I had the same issue on one of my kids TTR's and I just loosened it and rolled it back...all fixed. Drove me nuts too. It does not have to be out of position much. Lube the cable while your at it. Not sure what else would cause this. Maybe you need a new cable? Good luck.

if the bike was laid over on the throttle side it could have pushed the tight to the grip or got sand in between the throttle and bar. happens to the kids all the time after a wipeout.

Well, had a good look at the throttle and all seems well and smooth so I suppose its carb next

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