FMF powercore titanium slip on

Hi all

Had this pipe recommended for my 08 wr450, will be in conjunction with ais kit. Any comments on this pipe and bikes performance please?


I have one on mine, but I also went with Hotcam's at the same time, so I can't say how much improvement was just from the exhaust.

I can tell you that the cam's, pipe, and getting the jetting right for the changes made a HUUUGE difference.

the weight savings alone is almost worth it though....quality, fit, finish is top notch, and it sound awesome. I'm running mine without spark arrestor, it is pretty loud, so be prepared if this is a concern.

Without spark arrestor, it has more mid and top end and a pretty noticeable "hit". I have a 04 though and cam's

With spark arrestor, it mellows out the hit, beefs up the bottom a little, and makes the power delivery more "linear".

on the 08 you will want a header too, yz or the power bomb? Go the full system, around $450 right now, I have a DR.D slip-on on my 06 and love it, but it is loud? From what I've read here on tt I would go the DR.D full System?? go stainless steal, not ti.

I have the Fmf Powercore 4, I can tell a big diff. over stock! It is pretty loud with out the spark arrestor..With the ais and new pipe I had to rejet due to decell popping...

Buy the header too!! i put on my WR450 08 the FMF factory 4.1 slip on system and i see small different. then i replace the wr's stock header with the fmf powerbomb and.. :thumbsup: HUGE different!!!


on the 08 you will want a header too

+1 on this!

I would go the DR.D full System??

You might want to think twice about this as the full DR D system has the head pipe blocking the oil filter cover. :worthy:

On my 08 I went with and FMF and 08 YZ header :thumbsup:

thanks guy,

will try with yz header.

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