CDN $$$ for a wr 426 2002


That's it, I'm shopping right now for the bike. Now I want to know if the price that my local dealer has set for ''my WR'' is fair. He is asking $6850.00 cdn + taxes. Taxes are roughly 15 % in Quebec. So that makes $1026 in taxes + $6850 = 7877.50 in cdn $$$. I live near Montreal in the province of Quebec, Canada.

May be someone knows a better place ?




That sounds like a pretty fair price.

I'll check with my dealer here in Cornwall Ontario.

Where do you ride ?


That's a great price. I paid just over $7k at the end of last year for my 2001.

I've seen around $6500 out here in Albeta.........and no sales tax :)

That sound like a great price $$$

$7800 is the asking price in Alberta and if you can talk the talk you should be able to get it for $7300 it the begining of the year and lower now that the WR450's are out.

Ernie :)

Bonjour Sylvain,

I also believe that he`s got a good price... however, if I were you I`d wait an extra few months and get the 2003... Here are my 3 main reasons... aside from the 180 something modifications that yamaha did on it...

It`s a 450 (more power... can never have too much)

It`s about the same weight

It has an electric start.....

The only downfall is that it will probably cost you about 1200-1300$ more.. for me just the e-start is worth that much..

I have a 98` and I`m getting a new bike next week... 2003 KTM 525 EXC... I can`t wait :):D

As your near Montreal maybe we could hook up sometimes. If you don`t know about go take a look. we`re a bunch of guys (a few girls) that plan rides and have a blast... the next ride is Oct 5th & 6th near Québec city.... I can`t go as the 6th is my 1st wedding aniversary but I`d be there if I could.


talk to you later

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