Moab April 11-13th

I saw that someone did a post for a Moab trip coming up in March and then another one April 11-13th. I was just curious to see if that is still on or not. If so we are planning on riding on that Saturday and if anyone wanted to join us they are more then welcome. We will more then likely go out and ride toward Dubinky and in that area it is a great area and is very similiar to the Kane Creek trail. There is also a trail that leaves from just outside of Moab and goes up towards the book cliffs and then back down which is suppost to be amazing I haven't done it yet but am hoping to get out there soon.

If any of you are planning to come to Moab, come that weekend I would discourage you from coming the next weekend because of Jeep Safari and Easter Weekend, Moab gets over run with college students and 4x4's and there are no hotels in town let a lone a place to lay a sleeping bag within a 75 mile radius. It's great to come and watch people destroy their jeeps but 40,000 people in a small town of normally 8,000 gets old really fast.

If anyone is coming down and wants to get together and ride with some of the locals let me know and you are welcome to join us.

We are heading down early Friday morning the 11th of April. We will be staying in Moab until Sunday the 13th. My cell number is 801-330-7886. Give me a call and we can hook up.............db

Danny 02' WR426FP :)

Sounds great. Are you talking about the Kokopelli trail that connects Fruita to Moab? I've heard that's a pretty fun ride.

I'll be there with the SLC group. I'm probably going to be camping up on Dry Flat. Is it hard to get a spot coming in on a Friday afternoon?

Hey Danny. Who's all coming still?

Me, Blackie, and our wives. What days will you be there?

Preliminary plans: Leaving here Friday morning early. Will meet you in Kainsville if you're still planning on stopping there on the way Friday afternoon or heading straight to Moab if not. I'll be able to ride all day Saturday in Moab.

What kind of rides are planned for Moab? Site-seeing dirt roads or technical trails? Or both? I have never ridden there so don't know exactly what to expect. You know my preference.

Hey Moab 450 do you know if that trail to the book cliffs is single track or just a dirt road? and where do start on it? Do you know the area pretty good there? we're going there the first of May and the guys I'am going with want to ride the area just west and east of Arches natl park, they said they heard there was good riding there. I was down there for my work in a car and drove around a little bit but I could'nt see much around Arches. I gotta have single track trails.

Yamaharichey- The trail around Arches from what I heard is mostly single track. I have not done it yet. I may try and do a piece of it tomorrow if the weather is good. Most people go out and park a few miles before the Moab airport. And then ride out toward Arches from there. I will find out more info and let you know. If you are really interested in the trail go to the archview campground and ask for Mitch he ownes the campground and has ridden that area a ton and knows it really well. He can give you directions to all the trails in that area.

KROBWR250- I would say most of the trails around here are single track and some are really techinical and some are just fast. So there is a little of everything out here. Cainville is one of the best places I have ridden in a long time. The soil is amazing there and the terrain is like nothing I have ever been on. If you have never been to Caineville it is worth the trip. There is a trail that goes around Factory Butte that is great. One minute you are on top of a narrow ridge and the next you are at the bottom of a wash trying to figure how you are going to get out. If you go to Caineville you may not make it to Moab! In regards to the Kokopelli, No I am not talking about the kokopelli it is more east of arches just on this west side of the Colorado and then it crosses the river and heads up into the La Sals. It is a great place to ride.

We are skipping Cainesville. Go straight to Moab. We plan on riding as much of everyhing we can. Blackie knows most of Moab like the back of his hand. Here is my number again: 801-330-7886 Danny :)

Moab450 What is your number?

:D :D :)

My number is 435-259-7860 Jason. I may have to bail on riding Sat. My wife invited a bunch of her family down for family pictures and so I may be tied up with that for most of the day. I am pretty bummed but when the boss says jump, I better start jumping. This weekend should not be to bad it is the beginning weekend of Jeep Safari and the big crazy weekend is the following one. If you are going to do a weekend this is the one. I may try and get out and do a ride in the evening maybe Kane Creek or something around town like that. Sorry I am bailing on you all.

Any of you Moab guys heard that they closed the trail down to Hey Joe Mine, some body told me they did because the boat people did'nt like the noise along side the river.

:) What a load of BS! Why should they complain?

Hey Jason, I'll give you a call on Sunday morning around 0800. If you can get away Saturday, give me a call...............db 801-330-7886 Danny

BTW, I guess I'm lucky, my wife would tell me way in advance about guests.

I have not heard anything about any trail closures!

Yea I know, she says that I she told me a while back, she probably did. Anyway, I am going to try to get out a little bit this weekend, so we will see what happens.

There are a lot of bikes in town all ready this week. I must have passed 20-30 4-strokes and 2 strokes heading out for a trail this morning when I was going to work. There is a bunch of ATV's in town as well. If you are coming to town make sure your Registration is current. The Moab BLM is sporting a brand new JEEP that is lifted, and has clear lights on top so you don't realize it is the BLM until they are on top of you. I have been checked 3 times in the last two weeks. So they are out in full force so they can pay for it. We are going to go and do Kane Creek Wednesday at 5:00 if anyone is going to be in town and wants to go.

Hey Moab450, I think we'll be in town on Friday afternoon/evening in time to do a ride. Let us know if you can hook up with us then.

Hey Danny, I'm going to try and get a camping spot up on Sand Flats up past Slick Rock. What time you guys plan on arriving and where are you staying? I'm going to try and get away by 6-6:30am Friday, seven hour trip plus time change should be in town around 2-2:30.

Do out of state riders have to have registration stickers on their bikes? If so, where do I get them?


We are staying in a condo in town. :) We are leaving SLC valley at 0700 and should be there by 1030. Give me a call when you arrive and we will definately hook up. It is going to be a blast!! Drive safe................db

801-330-7886 Danny

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